What Questions Does an Applebee's Feedback Survey Ask?

Applebee's feedback surveys ask questions pertaining to the customer's server, the restaurant location, the total of the bill and time of the visit to establish basic information from the customer. Customer feedback surveys also request information from the customer about quality of food, wait time and menu preferences.

Feedback surveys help restaurants to improve their overall offerings that include not only food and beverages but also service, accommodations, mood and cleanliness. Feedback surveys prompt customers to provide information about the cleanliness of the restrooms, the dining tables and waiting area. Restaurants also inquire about how employees greeted the customer, how welcome the customer felt during the visit and how management interacted with guests.

Customers can provide input on the decor of the restaurant and its location and hours. Some restaurant feedback surveys focus on a specific restaurant's curb appeal, parking accommodations and access to carry-out services. Customers can answer multiple choice questions and provide additional information in feedback surveys to reference specific interactions or experiences with Applebee's employees and restaurant services.

Applebee's sometimes enters survey respondents in contests and sweepstakes. Customers can win cash or gift certificates for future dining.

As of 2015, Applebee's has over 2,000 locations throughout the United States.