Who Are Some Quartz Crystal Suppliers?


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Some top suppliers of quartz crystal in the United States include Epson Electronics, KDS, NDK and SaRonix, notes EETimes.com. Pisces Trading Company also offers quartz crystals in varied sizes that are locally mined or sourced outside the United States.

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Quartz is one of the most predominant minerals found on Earth, states BestCrystals.com. It typically exists in nature in the form of clear rock crystal, and commercially valuable deposits are mostly located in the United States, Brazil, the Himalayas, Peru, Madagascar and the Swiss Alps. Quartz is used in various industrial, medical, electronic and telecommunications applications.

As of 2015, Pisces Trading Company provides a wide selection of quartz crystals quarried from Arkansas as well as those imported from Brazil and Tibet. These minerals come in various cuts, weights and dimensions. Quartz crystals from Arkansas, which are sold by weight, may have chips on the surface because these minerals come straight from the mine.

Epson Electronics is the U.S.-based products division of the Japanese electronics conglomerate Seiko Epson Corporation. Epson America primarily markets semiconductors and quartz devices. One of its products is the MC146 series, which is a 32-kilohertz quartz crystal embedded in a tiny plastic surface-mount container for mobile devices. Other leading suppliers of quartz crystals in the United States include Toyocom and Vectron, notes EETimes.com.

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