What Is on a Quality Management Plan Template?


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A quality management plan template includes sections that outline the purpose of the document, the specific items or processes under review, the roles of each member of the quality assurance team and the different ways in which the team plans to check for quality. It also includes an outline for creating details about the actual review processes.

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Quality management plans are a type of document that outlines the process for reviewing an item or set of standards within a company to ensure that it meets the appropriate standards of the business. Templates for these plans typically begin with a section explaining the document, such as ensuring that a piece of computer software is free of bugs. This may lead to a section that details the subject of the quality review in more detail, such as highlighting different unique components or mentioning the expectations of other divisions or departments for the functionality of the product.

The template also includes sections that lay out the different quality review tasks, often as an example of a task for a fictional project type. The quality assurance manager for the document needs to modify the template to include the exact tasks of the team, such as weekly regression tests to check new product builds or daily health checks to help ensure the key features are always working. It also needs to include the roles of the members in the team and the process for reporting any issues.

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