What Is the Quality of Homes in Ecuador?

The quality of homes in Ecuador varies depending on the city and the location within the city. Major urban areas such as Cuenca feature many newer homes that offer standard and luxury amenities, as do beachfront properties in popular tourist locations such as Atacames. However, many rural and smaller cities have older homes in poor conditions.

An important tip when determining the quality of homes in Ecuador is to focus on a specific city or set of cities rather than the country as a whole, as this allows buyers to reduce the number of variables and obtain a more standard set of conditions. Larger cities near major businesses or airports often feature newer, higher-quality homes due to the better economic standings. Though each city is different, focus on the most populated areas near shopping or dining facilities to find homes with more modern construction and features.

Some cities in more remote locations may also have high-quality homes if they are popular destinations for tourists or international travelers. It is helpful for buyers to contact a local real estate agent to help identify the best properties and cities. In general, areas farther away from the major business or tourist centers often have a poorer economic standing and, thus, may not have as many homes with quality construction or modern features.