How Do You Get a Quality Control Certification?


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To get a quality control certification, develop quality goals for the business, establish policies to achieve these goals, implement the quality control processes, and request a certification audit. Permit the certifying body to audit the set quality management processes, and obtain certification documents after the audit.

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The International Organization for Standardization develops quality standards and certifies businesses that adhere to its recommended quality management processes. To obtain the ISO 9000 certification, develop a quality mission statement, ensure all employees are familiar with it, and develop detailed quality goals from the statement. Develop policies that guide different work elements towards the achievement of the quality goals, and establish processes that monitor how the work elements achieve these goals. Ensure the workforce is aware of the quality management process and the evaluation procedures.

Implement quality processes throughout the business and ensure only authorized personnel access policy documents and instructions. Contact a recognized body that issues ISO 9000 certifications and request an audit. Ensure all employees are aware of the date of audit and are familiar with all quality goals, policies and instructions. Demonstrate to the certification body that all quality documentation is in order, an effective quality management system is in place, and employees are familiar with their work elements and quality goals to receive the certification.

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