What Are the Qualities and Skills of a Doctor?

A good doctor should be proficient in health care, industrious, determined, patient with others, decisive, open-minded, inquisitive, imaginative when faced with a problem, able to work under pressure, and rational in his approach, according to the National Health Service of Britain. He also should have interest in and concern for the well-being of people.

WebMD and the National Health Service of Britain outline several desirable qualities of a doctor. Many of these relate to the doctor's problem-solving approach and his understanding of patients, a battery of skills known as bedside manner. A good doctor understands his patients’ feelings and relates with them in a humane and respectful manner, while adopting the best approach to find solutions. A doctor is confident of his ability to make conclusive decisions and implement strategies that are best for his patients' health.

Some of these desirable qualities relate to the ways in which a doctor works. A doctor should be humble, acknowledging the limits of his knowledge and abilities and seeking collaboration and help from others. The physician also should be persistent and have the determination to find a solution even after a failed attempt. He conscientiously approaches medical problems with a logical, scientific approach, finding facts, testing Ideas and investigating processes for a better understanding.