What Are Some of the Qualities Necessary to Be a Successful Auditor?


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Qualities necessary to be a successful auditor include efficient organization skills and the ability to multi-task, a knack for problem solving, keen people and communication skills and the desire to innovate. A successful auditor must also be knowledgeable in the subject matter and be interested in ongoing training.

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Because many auditors are required to report to several departments, organization is a critical part of the job. A successful auditor develops clear goals for audits, as well as checklists and templates for reports. Successful auditors must also be thirsty for knowledge and bold enough to ask critical questions when investigating a policy, a business or client practices. A desire to know the ins and outs of the project, the organizational structure of the company and an in-depth understanding of auditing industry trends may make the auditing process much more thorough and successful.

Since a large component of an auditor's job is to evaluate risk management, a successful auditor possesses problem-solving qualities such as critical thinking, analysis and ethical considerations. The ability to communicate well with others is another quality of a successful auditor. For example, an auditor needs to have the ability to read people, respond in a flexible manner to varying personalities and show empathy in certain situations.

Thinking creatively may also improve an auditor's success. For example, after examining the results of an audit, a successful auditor often brainstorms creative suggestions and solutions.

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