What Are Some Qualities That Are Necessary for Effective Teamwork?


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The qualities of an effective team include diversity of membership, strong organizational skills, open and respectful communication, productive conflict resolution, the ability to accurately identify key issues and the strength to address mistakes head-on. Effective teamwork requires trust among team members, a shared goal and honest, reliable and positive members who evidence a strong work ethic. Consensus decision-making and periodic assessment of the team's overall functioning, members' concerns and level of satisfaction are also qualities of an effective team.

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Effective team members willingly share responsibilities and comfortably address disagreements without avoidance or defensive posturing.

It is the meaning that the effective team's clearly defined goal holds for each team member that drives a person's work and willingness to go the extra mile. The most effective teams also understand and value the team's importance to the broader organization. To effectively reach its goal, a team must appreciate and be able to build upon its members' different strengths and navigate around their weaknesses, while appreciating how the unique skills and perspective of each team member are the qualities that fuel the team's productivity, innovation and growth. Members of effective teams commit to excellence, communicate directly and honestly and provide consistent encouragement, support and recognition to one another.

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