What Are Some Qualities of a Great Leader?


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One quality of a great leader is honesty. Ethical behavior of a leader sets an example for a leader's group of people about how to think, talk and act and what standards to hold themselves and their organization to. Great leaders have a positive attitude and also take responsibility for their results and failures.

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A great leader identifies strengths and weaknesses in his team members and uses that to his advantage to leverage his time and efforts on higher level tasks. He also delegates tasks appropriately to ensure the team is productive.

Clear communication skills are also important to a great leader. Productivity, problem solving and open lines of communication are all important to a team's success. Also, a great leader is calm in times of adversity and can use humor to lighten up difficult situations, which communicates to his team that he has confidence in his people. It also creates a happier environment that team members are excited to be a part of.

A great leader leads by example by being confident and showing a commitment to the team's goal. This shows his team that the leader is not afraid to get his hands dirty and shows the team by example to work hard towards a common goal.

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