What Are Some Qualities of a Good Leader?

qualities-good-leader Credit: Thomas Barwick/Stone/Getty Images

Forbes lists honesty, commitment and confidence as some of the outstanding qualities of a good leader. Exemplary leaders also possess creativity, a positive attitude and a strong intuition.

A leader gains true authority from respect for her exemplary character and integrity. The leader, therefore, should "walk the talk" so as to earn the legitimacy to have responsibility for and over others. Both a business and its employees reflect the qualities of their leader, so if the leader makes honest and ethical behavior a key value, the team generally follows suit.

In addition, an exemplary leader is also a good communicator because it is important for the leader to ably describe what needs to be done. Healthy lines of communication enable the head to effectively train new employees and also create a productive work environment. Deploying an open-door policy to the leader's office and a daily talk with staff to discuss interoffice issues rank among the best ways a business can maintain healthy lines of communication.

The leader should also be confident so as to inspire confidence in others and draw out the trust and best efforts of the team. The confidence also helps when the business or body is facing difficult times. At these times, the leader's confidence can maintain the team's morale and help them focus on the larger goal.