What Are Some Qualities of a Good Hand Surgeon?


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A hand surgeon must be technically adept and willing to embrace new approaches to providing treatment such as the use of noninvasive or minimally invasive procedures, according to the New York Times. Good surgeons possess problem-solving abilities, which are critical in providing treatment, while conscientious approaches to patient care let surgeons address the various aspects that constitute health care delivery, the Houston Chronicle reports.

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The surgeon must be compassionate and easy to deal with, which fosters a good patient-physician relationship and facilitates treatment and healing, says the New York Times. By being attentive to a patient’s needs, the surgeon is better equipped to provide information that allows the patients to participate postoperatively in treatment. A hand surgeon assesses the alternative courses of treatment for a certain condition and recommends the best solution that offers a positive prognosis, according to the Hand Surgery and Rehabilitation Center.

A hand surgeon must be accountable to his patients, which promotes confidence in the standard of care that patients receive and lowers cases of professional malpractice, reports the New York Times. By maintaining an open-minded approach to handling change, a surgeon is more likely to succeed in his profession. Mechanical competence in form of hand dexterity or coordination is critical in preventing mistakes by a surgeon, according to the Houston Chronicle. The surgeon must also possess postmedical school training in his specialty and experience in patient treatment.

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