How Do You Qualify for a USA Bank Credit Card?

How Do You Qualify for a USA Bank Credit Card?

To qualify for a credit card, customers should find a card that meets their needs and submit an application through the bank's or financial institution's website or in person, notes This financial institution offers a variety of cards, some for prime borrowers and some secured cards for rebuilding credit.

Most credit cards require applicants go have a good credit score, credit history and a moderate to high income level, states However, this doesn't guarantee that applicants will be automatically approved. It also depends on whether the financial institution is actively taking on more borrowers or looking to trim down its portfolio.

Applicants can improve their chances by looking for the US Bank card that best fits their financial circumstances. Students can try applying for the US Bank College Visa Card, which has less stringent requirements for credit history. Those with poor credit may want to look at one of the secured US Bank credit cards, such as the US Bank Secured Visa or the Life Miles Secured Visa. Applying for any of these cards is straightforward.

  1. Go to US Bank's website
  2. Go to Click on the "Credit Cards and Prepaid Cards" tab at the top of the page and click "Credit Cards" in the drop-down menu. Scroll down to "Browse All Cards" and click one of the card links at random.

  3. Browse the cards
  4. Click "Browse All Credit Cards" and "Show Results." Scroll through the available cards, looking at the details until finding one that looks like a potential fit.

  5. Apply online
  6. Click the "Apply" button and log into the US Bank account on the next page. Fill out the credit card application with contact information, income and other data. Click "Submit."