How Do You Qualify for a Straight Truck Job?


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Though each company imposes its own unique qualifications, the general requirements for a straight truck driving job include experience with that type of vehicle, the possession of a commercial driver's license and a driving record free of serious infractions. Some jobs may also call for a particular class of commercial driver's licence or require completion of a criminal background check.

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One of the most significant qualifications for a straight truck driving job is experience within the field, usually through a minimum number of years driving the vehicle at a previous occupation. A straight truck is a type of heavy duty vehicle wherein the cargo section and the cab have a direct connection to the axles, resembling that of a standard passenger vehicle or light truck. This differs from a larger articulated truck cab that connects to the cargo through a separate, independent coupling. Most employers specify the specific amount and type of driving experience necessary, though some may also expect other types of truck driving experience.

Another major qualification for a straight truck driving job is possession of a valid commercial driver's license, usually a Class A or Class B version. This type of license requires passing an official test that covers numerous safety and operational requirements for driving a commercial vehicle to transport various types of products. Some employers may also require a hazardous material certification. Most employers also require employees to have a clean driving record free of citations for reckless behavior or intoxication.

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