How Do You Qualify for Staywell Dental Coverage?


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As of 2016, qualify for Staywell dental coverage by qualifying for the Florida Medicaid program, according to WellCare. Staywell covers families and children; people who receive Supplemental Security Income program benefits; blind, disabled or elderly people; and child welfare recipients. Benefits include dental, medical and prescription drug coverage. Find out whether or not you are eligible for Medicaid by calling 866-762-2237, or TTY 800-955-8771, the Florida Department of Children and Families.

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Staywell benefits include children's dental and fluoride treatments, free over-the-counter medications, unlimited hospital outpatient services, and an extensive network of doctors, including pediatricians, explains WellCare. Other free services include substance abuse treatment, behavioral care, and emergency room, radiology and lab services. The only Staywell services that require co-pays are emergency room visits for nonemergency services and chiropractic visits. Patients receiving nonemergency services in emergency rooms incur a 5-percent coinsurance charge with a $15 out-of-pocket limit. The chiropractor co-pay is $1 per visit.

Medicaid is a program that the federal and state governments fund jointly, explains the Florida Department of Children and Families. Medicaid covers the medical needs of low-income families, individual adults and children. Florida's Department of Children and Families determines state Medicaid eligibility for Florida children, their parents and caretaker relatives, pregnant women, former foster care recipients, and other individuals. The Social Security Administration determines Florida Medicaid eligibility for individuals receiving SSI.

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