How Do You Qualify for a Printing Company Job?


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The specific qualifications for working at a printing company depend on the job, though many print operator jobs involve a knowledge of the machinery and a minimum amount of experience with the technology. Most printing companies also offer a variety of other positions in fields such as marketing, design, accounting and logistics.

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One common job within a printing company is printing press operator, which consists of programming and controlling a machine that prints large quantities of documents. Some jobs may require the operator to complete an apprenticeship or vocational training to qualify, though most simply require past experience or demonstration of skills. This job may also require the operator to be physically capable of pressing buttons or pulling levers on the press, as well as loading and unloading different kinds of papers. The job may also call for judgement abilities to monitor and adjust settings while the press is in operation.

Some related jobs may include shipping and processing for the documents, which can involve physical labor and organizational skills. The requirements for other non-printing positions within the company depend on the exact role, though it is common for the employer to require or prefer applicants have some degree of experience with the printing industry as a whole. This reduces the learning time on specific terms and practices and allows the employee to perform her job more efficiently.

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