How Do You Qualify for a Discover Credit Card?


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Credit card companies, including Discover, qualify consumers for credit cards based primarily on credit scores, states Money Under 30. Banks set specific minimum credit score requirements in order to qualify for credit cards.

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Although qualification largely depends on the customer’s credit score, banks do extend lines of credit to consumers with less than stellar credit, explains CreditCards.com. For example, Discover offers cards that allow consumers to rebuild their credit, such as a secured credit card. Consumers place a specific deposit amount on the card prior to approval, and the credit limit on the card is the deposit amount. The deposit acts as a form of collateral.

Consumers with higher credit scores have a better chance of qualifying for low-interest credit cards through Discover. High credit scores include consumers with median FICO scores above 780, according to Money Under 30. Banks and lending institutions such as Discover consider any score below 600 as poor credit and usually do not offer lines of credit without an initial deposit. Banks consider scores above 600 as average credit and scores above 700 as good credit. Banks such as Discover, American Express and Chase reserve the best credit cards with the lowest interest rates for consumers with the highest scores.

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