How Do You Qualify for a Class B Truck Driving Job?

How Do You Qualify for a Class B Truck Driving Job?

To qualify for a Class B truck driving job, you must obtain a Class B commercial driver license. The process varies from state to state, but usually includes a written test, medical exam and road skills test. Some companies may also require prior trucking experience.

The first step in obtaining a Class B CDL is to check your state's requirements. Most states require drivers to start the process by taking a written skills test at the licensing bureau. After passing the written exam, you must schedule and pay for a road skills test that covers Class B vehicle operations.

Most licensing organizations require you to bring your own Class B vehicle for the test. The test in each state covers Class B skills such as air braking. Some states, including Wyoming, enable employers to administer the skills test to their employees.

In some areas, including Washington D.C., applicants must have a CDL learner's permit for 30 days before they are eligible to take the road skills test. To obtain the permit, you must come in with a licensed CDL driver.

Once you have secured your Class B CDL, you are officially eligible for Class B driving jobs in the licensing state. Additional certification may be needed for jobs that require you to cross state boundaries.