How Do You Qualify for Blue Cross Coverage?


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Most individuals can qualify for Blue Cross coverage under the Affordable Care Act requirements, notes the Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) Blue Care Network of Michigan website. Under the Act, insurance companies cannot deny coverage because of existing conditions, and subsidies are available for qualifying individuals and families.

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Under the guidelines in the Affordable Care Act as of 2015, individuals and families must maintain healthcare coverage, or they may be required to pay a fee, states BCBS of Michigan. Individuals who have coverage through their employers may be eligible for subsidies if their monthly premium is more than 9.5 percent of their income, or if at least 60 percent of the costs are not shared. Individuals who purchase their own plans may also be eligible for subsidies depending on their income, family size and the cost of premiums.

Blue Cross plans are available for businesses that offer plans to their employees, as well as to individuals and families who purchase their own plans, states BCBSM.com. The company offers several different types of insurance options, including Flexible Spending Accounts, Health Maintenance Organizations, Health Savings Accounts, Preferred Provider Organizations, Health Reimbursement Arrangements and Point-of-Service coverage, among others. Individuals and families can receive a personalized quote from Blue Cross by visiting the AskBlue website, by visiting their state's BCBS company website or by calling (888) 630-2583.

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