How Do You Qualify to Become a Medical Courier Driver?

To qualify as a medical courier driver, obtain a high school diploma, maintain a clean driving record and acquire delivery experience, particularly jobs that involve picking up heavy objects. Excellent people skills are also important. Most pharmaceutical delivery positions involve using light trucks without the need for a special license, but some employers prefer applicants with commercial driver's licenses. Some employers also require proof of car insurance.

Certain pharmaceutical delivery positions require understanding of medical terms, medical devices and types of medications. Hospitals, private medical supply firms and pharmacies are common sources of employment for pharmaceutical delivery drivers.

Medical courier drivers are generally responsible for transporting medicines and other medical supplies to hospitals, companies and homes of patients. Their duties also include keeping an accurate delivery log, compiling pharmaceutical orders, managing inventory and ensuring medical products are in proper condition. Moreover, pharmaceutical delivery drivers typically categorize delivery slips and products based on location as well as obtain payments from customers. Accurate delivery of products is essential to avoid additional mileage due to repeated visits to the same locations.

It is important to demonstrate outstanding driving skills to make prompt deliveries safely. In some cases, pharmaceutical delivery drivers need to deal with repairs if their vehicles stop along the way. They should maintain their vehicles in good condition to avoid unnecessary delays.