Who Is Qualified to Receive Benefits Through the GE SSO?


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General Electric's Single Sign On, or SSO, system is available to all employees, contractors and consultants of the company who have a valid GE email address and access to the company's Intranet and benefits sites. Some outside contractors and suppliers also have limited access to SSO.

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In order to obtain access to GE's SSO, an interested employee, consultant or contractor must first register for an SSO account using his Social Security number and the personal identification number he received when he signed up for GE benefits. The GE benefits system assigns each user a personal identifier, or user ID, but the person chooses his own password. He also supplies responses to three personal questions during the registration process, and the system uses these answers to verify his identity if he loses his password or wants to change the password on the account. User IDs cannot be changed.

Once registered, any eligible employee, contractor or consultant is able to use the SSO system to log in to the company's Intranet using his user ID and password. However, some transactions still require that the user enter his PIN as well.

GE's benefits website provides access to most benefits offered by the company, including payroll, retirement savings, medical and dental coverage, life insurance and WageWorks, a commuter benefit program available to some employees of GE.

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