Who Is Qualified for Free Health Insurance in New York?


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A resident of New York may qualify for free health care through Medicaid if he meets certain financial requirements, has high medical bills or receives SSI, according to the New York Department of Health. The financial requirements vary according to age, the presence of a disabling condition and family size. Children, senior citizens, the disabled, pregnant women and parents may receive deductions that bring their excess income level below the guidelines, allowing them to qualify for free health services.

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As of October, 2015, NY Medicaid's income guidelines for a single adult with no children are $16,243 annually or $21,984 for a family of two. The disabled or elderly qualify with an income of $9,900 a year for one person and $14,500 for a family of two. For this group, there is also a resource limit of $14,850 for one person, $21,750 for two. Recipients may own a house, car and other personal property and still qualify, says the NY Department of Health. If the amount of a person's medical bills is greater than the portion of his income that exceeds the Medicaid limits and he meets certain other qualifying conditions, he may receive assistance from the Medicaid Surplus Income program in order to help pay for his medical care.

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