What Are the Qualifications of a Private English Teacher?


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Working as an English teacher in private secondary schools requires having a bachelor's degree in English. Working as an English teacher in private language schools requires adding English as a Second Language certification to any bachelor's degree.

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What Are the Qualifications of a Private English Teacher?
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All English teachers in private schools must start with a Bachelor of Arts in English, though education majors may be accepted. Waldorf and Montessori schools require all teachers to take extra education to learn their specialized methods. Some Catholic schools may require teachers to take religion courses.

Though private schools can set their own requirements for hiring teachers, some still require teachers to earn state licensure the same as a public school would. Earning a teaching license requires undergoing supervised teaching experience and applying for the license through the state's Department of Education. States vary according to what additional education or experience they may accept for granting a teaching license.

Some teachers work in private language schools to teach non-native English speakers the language. The student population ranges from pre-kindergarten to adult. Schools set their own requirements for what certification is expected. Most require teachers to be native English speakers or non-native speakers with certification such as the Test of English as a Foreign Language.

Many private language schools don't require teachers to have degrees in English; however, teachers usually have to take certification courses such as Teaching English as a Foreign Language or Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages.

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