What Qualifications Are Needed for Truck Drivers in Europe?


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To obtain a Class C drivers license in the European Union (EU), one must possess a Class B license, meet minimum age requirements and pass both a written and in-person exam. The minimum age in most EU countries is 21, and 18 in Sweden, Bulgaria, Finland and Ireland.

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A Class C license is part of the large goods vehicle classification, and includes any vehicle designed for the transportation of oversized goods for long distances. The Class C license is broken up into several categories: C, C1, C1E and CE. The C license is for large goods vehicles with a maximum official weight of more than 3.5 tons, no more than eight passenger seats and a maximum trailer weight of 750 kg. The C1 license is for vehicles that fall below the requirements of the C license. The C1E and CE licenses are variations of the C and C1 license that include different types of trailer configurations and weights.

The Class B license, which is a requirement for all other types of vehicle operation licenses excluding motorcycles and mopeds, has a minimum age requirement of 18 in most EU countries. The minimum age requirement in the United Kingdom, Iceland, Ireland and Hungary is 17.

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