What Qualifications Do You Need to Work at a Child Care Center?


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Though qualifications may vary between institutions and states, most qualifications for working at a child care center focus on a day care or early child development certification along with some experience working in the field and a clean criminal record. Some child care centers may require additional educational training or abolish the need in the place of extensive experience working with children.

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The specific requirements for getting a job at a child care center depend on the nature and purpose of the entity, with some featuring more stringent standards to provide a greater level of education to students. Child care centers with an emphasis on learning and education may ask applicants to hold certification in specific fields, or simply a general state certification that verifies knowledge of first aid, child development and the ability to care for children under special circumstances. Some centers may also seek applicants with at least a high school diploma or a bachelor's degree in child education and care.

Many child care centers also conduct background checks on applicants to look for a criminal record or similar legal history. Any infractions that involve children, such as a legal dispute between parents or charges of child endangerment, may immediately disqualify the applicant from the position. Most locations also look for applicants with experience working in a similar child care setting, usually in a professional or educational capacity.

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