What Qualifications Do You Need to Get a Job on an Offshore Drilling Rig?


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Though the specific qualifications for a job on an offshore drilling rig vary depending on the role and the company, most include a minimum experience in the specific role, certain types of education or certification on the job, and some form of higher education. Many offshore drilling rigs also prefer applicants with previous experience working on a rig.

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Many of the jobs on an offshore drilling rig involve some form of mechanical or technical knowledge, typically in relation to different types of machinery and equipment used in the process. As such, the companies look for applicants with experience working with those devices, either on another drilling rig or in a similar setting. Some companies may accept applicants without experience using the specific devices on the rig if they have extensive experience in a related field, such as machine repair or operation. Some roles also require specific certification from different external bodies, though these vary between companies and rig setups.

Offshore drilling rigs may also require applicants have different education levels, with some entry level positions starting at a high school diploma, while supervisory roles may require a bachelor's degree in the field. Rigs also frequently look for applicants with experience on a rig, as this ensures she knows what life is like living on the rig for months at a time and reduces the likelihood of her leaving the job.

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