What Qualifications Do You Need to Get a Job in Medicine?


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To get a job in medicine, an individual needs to learn the basics of science and various intellectual skills. Those interested in medicine should also develop communication and analytic abilities. Not all universities offer a premed major, and not all medical schools prefer for all applicants to be science majors.

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Science focuses an individual interested in medicine may consider include physics, biochemistry, natural sciences and biology. There might also be specific undergraduate focus areas required for admission to medical schools. A premed student may want to earn a non-science degree prior to entering medical school in case he changes his mind about entering the field of medicine.

An individual also needs to take the Medical College Admissions Test to gauge his skills in critical thinking, natural sciences and verbal reasoning. To prepare for the MCAT, a student should take courses in the humanities, social sciences, psychology and sociology. Students who are science majors may want to complete advanced social sciences and humanities courses, while non-science majors should consider advanced biology courses.

To get a well-rounded idea of job demands, an individual should consult with a pre-medical adviser or health professional in the specific field of medicine he is interested in. An individual might also consider volunteering at a local health facility to gain experience.

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