What Qualifications Do You Need to Become a Professional Grief Counselor?


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Though the specific qualifications may vary between states and employers, the general requirements for becoming a grief counselor include a minimum of a bachelor's degree in fields such as social welfare or psychology and the possession of the appropriate license to practice in the field. Some employers may also require a graduate degree or doctorate in a relevant area of study as well as special certification from a state medical board.

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One basic requirement for a grief counselor is a bachelor's degree, typically in an area that deals with mental health or social work. Some schools may also offer degrees with a special focus on grief counseling or therapy, though it is not a mandatory requirement for the occupation. Most jobs also require applicants have clinical experience working in an environment that offers counseling or psychological care, such as a hospital or therapeutic clinic.

Depending on the job, some employers may seek applicants with a master's degree in the field or extensive practical work as a counselor. Many states also require counselors to hold a license to offer psychological advice, with each state carrying different qualifications for the exam. Additionally, some positions may call for a certification as a mental health care provider, which often includes a minimum amount of experience and participation in a written or oral examination.

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