What Qualifications Do You Need to Act As Someone's Attorney?


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To be qualified as an attorney, prospective lawyers must pass both law school and the state bar exam for the states in which they plan to practice, states Legal Career Path. An undergraduate degree is required to enter an American law school, and prospective attorneys must also take the LSAT.

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What Qualifications Do You Need to Act As Someone's Attorney?
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Lawyers require excellent critical thinking and speaking abilities, and those wishing to enter the legal field should participate in activities that cultivate these skills. Experience in debate, as noted by Legal Career Path, is often helpful in developing this skill set, although other activities can help as well.

While there is no required undergraduate curriculum for lawyers, a high GPA, generally above 3.0, is often required for admission into law school, according to Legal Career Path. Students planning on entering a specialized type of law, such as property or patent law, should also consider majoring in math or science, as attorneys in those fields must also pass the patent bar. Students must take the LSAT, which law schools use to assess a student's reasoning skills. After graduating law school, attorneys must pass the state bar test in whichever state or states they wish to practice. After passing the bar, one is qualified to act as someone's attorney.

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