What Are the Qualifications for Medical Supply Delivery Jobs?

What Are the Qualifications for Medical Supply Delivery Jobs?

Typical qualifications for a medical supply delivery driver include having a high school diploma, a clean driving record and experience delivering medical supplies. People with good driving skills who are committed to making deliveries on time are more likely to succeed in this business.

Most medical supplies delivery jobs only require a high school diploma, although some clients require the delivery person to have knowledge of medical terminology, medical devices and medication types.

Many employers perform background checks on their drivers and only hire people with clean driving records. Proof of insurance may also be required before securing a job. Insurance requirements vary from state to state, so consulting with experienced couriers can help find the most suitable insurance.

Licensing requirements largely depend on the type of vehicles used for the job. People making deliveries using light trucks may not require any special licenses other than their regular driver’s license. Larger vehicles require the drivers to have a commercial driver’s licenses.

Employers typically rely on referrals before hiring couriers, so experience in the industry plays a big role in finding medical supplies delivery jobs. The courier should also be able to lift heavy packages because this is a big part of the job.

Medical supplies jobs are available in various sectors including private medical supply companies, pharmacies, blood banks, clinics and hospitals. In addition to transporting medical supplies, the driver may also be required to manage inventory, keep products in good condition and maintain delivery logs.