What Qualifications Does an Individual Need to Become an Online Spanish Tutor?


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Qualifications an individual often needs to become an online Spanish tutor include native level Spanish ability, teaching experience or training, computer skills and fluency in another language, typically English. Each online tutoring company has its own specific qualifications that can vary. Independent tutors do not have set qualifications.

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Online tutoring companies may advertise that its tutors are native Spanish speakers, in which case an individual must be a native of a country that speaks Spanish. A high level of Spanish proficiency is required regardless, and a non-native speaker may need a college degree in Spanish to demonstrate his ability. Companies may want a tutor to already have a certain amount of experience teaching Spanish, while others provide on the job training or require completion of a teacher training program.

Since interactions with students take place online, an individual must have proficiency with computers and any programs used by the company, such as Microsoft Word or Skype. A tutor also usually needs to be bilingual so he can speak to his students in their own language.

While an independent tutor does not have specific qualifications to fulfill, he needs to find his own students. The qualifications required by online tutoring companies tend to be what prospective students want in a tutor, so having those already may make it easier to market himself to students.

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