What Are the Qualifications for Employment Insurance?


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Qualifications to receive employment Insurance, a type of temporary financial aid offered to unemployed Canadian citizens, include meeting a minimum number of hours of employment as well as having lost employment due to no fault of the applicant. People caring for sick relatives or newborn children may also qualify.

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One of the largest eligibility requirements to receive employment insurance relates to the manner in which the applicant lost his employment. For example, if the applicant quit his job voluntarily without a clear and urgent cause, such as deciding to take a break form working compared to needing to care for an ailing child, he is unlikely to be approved for coverage. Employees that are dismissed due to misconduct or a failure to meet established guidelines and expectations do not qualify for coverage because they are directly responsible for the loss of employment. An individual who has employment terminated due to company downsizing for restructuring, wherein his own actions played no role in the termination of his job, is likely to qualify.

When determining the number of insurable employment hours, the total number of hours the applicant worked in the 12 month period immediately prior to applying are considered. The exact numbers depend on the current regional unemployment rate.

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