What Are Some Qualifications of a Cosmetology Instructor?


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Cosmetology instructor requirements vary by state. Some states require that the instructor has a completed a certificate program to teach cosmetology, while others accept an apprenticeship combined with continuing education classes. A few states require an associate or bachelor's degree in teaching. In order to teach, instructors must also have a license in their state and have experience working as a cosmetologist.

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Cosmetology instructors may also need to complete a course or training that helps them learn how to teach cosmetology to others. They may need to pass a cosmetology instructor certification exam. Instructors also need proof of high school graduation or its equivalent.

Most certification programs require at least 1,000 hours of training before the student is ready to instruct a course. Sometimes, an apprenticeship can cover some of this hands-on learning, depending on the state. In addition to knowing how to complete essential cosmetology procedures, instructors must also learn different teaching methods and theories, as well as how to evaluate students and record grades. They should expect to deliver lectures, do demonstrations and direct students. Some programs allow the instructor to use online classes to help teach students.

Once licensed by the state, cosmetology instructors should expect to take additional education classes every two years to maintain their licenses.

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