What Are the Qualifications for Being a Bartender?


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At the very least, a bartender must receive both basic bar training and the required licensing in the area of service. Outside of training and licensing, bartenders should have no inhibitions in customer service and should display a genuine passion for the art of mixing.

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Many states have a minimum age requirement which varies per state, while some businesses prefer bartenders to be over the age of 25. Each state also has different requirements for alcohol awareness classes. These classes often cover useful topics, such as DUI prevention, signs of intoxication and blood alcohol levels. In terms of training, bartenders may choose either to go to vocational school for bar training, find a position as a bar back/cocktail waitress, or both.

Whichever type of training the bartender chooses, he can expect to spend up to a year under the supervision of a senior bartender, who will act as a mentor, teaching the trainee how to make drinks and take inventory, and train him to provide the best possible service to the customer. While being a bartender can certainly be an intriguing job, it is one that must be taken quite seriously. Bartenders need to prepare for late-night hours, swarms of customers, interactions with intoxicated individuals and a steep learning curve.

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