What Are the Qualifications for Becoming a Limo Driver?


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To become a limo driver, an applicant needs a chauffeur’s driver’s license, a clean driving record and some experience driving limousines. Some companies that hire limo drivers also require a commercial driver’s license, though this requirement varies by location.

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Getting a chauffeur's driver’s license requires practicing driving a limo and other vehicles, but many limo companies don’t require extensive driving experience. However, some companies have a training program, which often includes driving the limo with supervision for a couple of weeks so the prospective driver learns how to operate the vehicle safely and effectively. These training programs also teach the applicant how to read road maps, use digital navigation systems and drive a variety of limousine types. Applicants also learn how to communicate with clients properly.

With a chauffeur’s driver’s license, a driver may be limited in how many passengers he can carry at once. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration typically imposes this limit. An applicant who plans to drive stretch limousines with more than the maximum allowance of passengers might need additional licensing and certification.

Limo drivers make approximately the same amount as taxi drivers, which is about $12 an hour, as of 2015. However, this wage varies by location and experience.

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