What Are the Qualifications to Become a Sports Commentator?


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Qualifications required to become a sports commentator vary, but most commentators have a four-year college degree and a strong background in the relevant sport. Sports commentators often get undergraduate degrees in journalism and gain experience in college-level broadcasting.

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Most commentators have played the sport that they cover for several years, whether at a college level or simply for recreation. They can demonstrate a detailed knowledge of the game's rules and strategies that might be used in a professional match. This knowledge goes hand in hand with a four-year college degree in journalism, broadcast journalism, communications or another relevant field.

Commentators often begin working in sports media as college students, usually by working for the campus radio or television station. In their last two years of college, they apply for internships at radio or television stations, pro sports teams or university athletic departments. By graduation, a future sports commentator has amassed samples and experience with which he can build a resume.

After graduation, a prospective commentator may apply at local television and radio stations or nearby colleges in need of game commentators. Depending on an individual's coaching and playing experience, and on the type of commentating he wants to do, there are various paths toward a sports commentator career.

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