What Are the Qualifications to Become an Iranian Doctor?


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Students in Iran must complete seven years of post-secondary education and earn 290 educational credits from a medical school before becoming doctors. Medical universities and curricula are supervised by the Supreme Ministry of Health, Treatment and Medical Education which, as of 2015, has not revised the program since 1979.

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Gaining admission to a public medical school in Iran is challenging and extremely competitive. Admission to public universities, which do not charge a tuition fee, takes place after completing 11th grade and the national university entrance exam. Known as the "Konkur," the comprehensive examination evaluates students knowledge in Persian language and literature, history, a foreign language and mathematics.

Each year, roughly half a million students sit for the natural sciences segment of the exam, of which 31,000 earn acceptance in public universities. Only about 2,700 are admitted into the 52 publicly funded medical schools around the country. The admitted students tend to be those with the highest Konkur scores, some of whom may have no interest in a career in medicine but are drawn to it because studying medicine in Iran carries a great deal of prestige. Once they enter medical school, the students must continue their studies until they graduate and qualify as general physicians.

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