What Are Some Qualifications for AHCCCS Health Insurance?

Some of the basic requirements to qualify for the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System include being a United States citizen, a qualified resident and an Arizona resident; being ineligible for Medicare; having a Social Security number or applying for one and having an income level below certain limits. Applicants should also be able to cooperate with the Department of Child Safety, if needed, and should apply for a potential income such as pensions, Social Security and unemployment, states AZAHCCCS.gov.

AHCCCS offers medical insurance coverage for qualified adult relatives who are living with and caring for a child who is younger than 19 years old. Qualified individuals do not need to pay any monthly premiums to be covered as of 2015, states AZAHCCCS.gov.

As with Medicaid programs in most other states, the monthly income limits to become eligible for AHCCCS insurance coverage vary according to household size. As of 2015, a family with a household size of five has a gross monthly income limit of $2,510, and a family with four members has a limit of $2,143. A family with three members has an income limit of $1,775, two members with $1,408 dollars and one member with $1,040, notes the organization's official website.