How Do You Put Together Professional Portfolio Samples?


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Put together professional portfolio samples by focusing on your most recent projects as well as those that best represent your skills and accomplishments, choosing between a digital and physical format, and reproducing the work in a clear, high-resolution format. Organize the portfolio into distinct sections so that you can focus on obtaining an appropriate variety of work.

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Creating a professional portfolio hinges on the use of professional samples of your work, as this allows viewers to understand the full breadth of the work and focus on the content rather than facing distractions from its presentation. Begin the process by deciding on the type of portfolio you want to use, with digital portfolios working best for samples that exist natively in digital format and physical portfolios being ideal for physical work.

For a digital portfolio, only use high-resolution images that do not appear pixelated or distorted on your website. Also, only offer a sample of the work large enough to give the basic impression of it, linking to the original piece for further review.

For a physical portfolio, use as many original copies of the work as possible. When this is not possible, take a picture of the work with a digital camera and print out a large, professional copy of the image. Insert the images on a backing to give the portfolio structure, and include the date and description of each piece.

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