How Do You Put Ink in a Calligraphy Pen?


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In order to put ink in a calligraphy pen, the user needs to remove the old ink cartridge, insert a new cartridge and feed the cartridge through the pen's tip. Some pens may contain two cartridges, but the second cartridge is for support.

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A few simple steps are necessary to put ink in a calligraphy pen.

  1. Remove the pen barrel
  2. The pen barrel can be opened by twisting it in a clockwise direction.

  3. Remove the old cartridge
  4. The old cartridge is removed while the other one is left in place in the pen.

  5. Insert the new cartridge
  6. After the new cartridge is inserted, the barrel should be twisted onto the pen to pierce the cartridge.

  7. Get the ink flowing
  8. Users should stroke the tip of the pen on paper until the ink is flowing.

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