What Is the Purpose of the Walmart Foundation?

What Is the Purpose of the Walmart Foundation?

The Walmart Foundation provides hunger relief, promotes sustainability, promotes women's economic empowerment and offers career opportunities, according to the Walmart Foundation website. The foundation focuses on the under-served through charitable giving.

The Walmart Foundation works to fight hunger in America through in-kind giving, cash grants and providing nutritious food. The foundation also offers funding to nonprofits fighting hunger in America. The foundation has donated refrigerated trucks, and it has provided training to individuals to improve their shopping and cooking skills and help stretch their budget.

The sustainability aspect of the foundation is focused on preserving the environment and equipping farmers to grow food in a sustainable way. The foundation works directly with farmers in rural areas and big cities to develop sustainable ways to grow healthy food. Other areas of interest include improving food security by working with community food centers.

The women's empowerment program provides career opportunities, market access and training to women around the world.

The Walmart Foundation actively supports single mothers with career placement and training, access to resources and career advice to help them support their families. The foundation also awards grants to organizations, such as Dress for Success, which provides career counseling, job search assistance and workforce readiness training.