What Is the Purpose of a Virginia State Tax Form 760?

Virginia state tax Form 760 is an income tax return that residents who resided the entire year in Virginia are required to file in order to report their income to the state, according to e-Smart Tax. Individuals who resided only part of the year in the state but earned their entire income within Virginia must also file Form 760.

Variations of Form 760 exist for individuals who do not meet the criteria for the regular income tax return, such as Form 760PY, which is for part-year residents of Virginia to report their income, states e-Smart Tax. If taking the automatic six-month extension granted to residents filing income tax returns, a taxpayer must file a Form 760IP, which is an extension voucher that pays the estimated tax owed, by the original filing due date.

Other variations of Form 760 include 760ES, which individuals use to report estimated income tax payment vouchers, 760C, which is for reporting underpayment of estimated tax by individuals, estates and trusts; 760F, which is for reporting underpayment of estimated tax by farmers and fisherman; and 760PMT, which is a payment coupon for previously filed individual income tax returns, according to the Virginia Department of Taxation.

All of the above-mentioned tax forms and instructions for each are available for download for free as a PDF file from Virginia.gov, states the Virginia Department of Taxation.