What Is the Purpose of Unemployent Tax Form 1099-G?


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The 1099-G form received about unemployment benefits is used to show the amount of taxable income someone made from those benefits, notes the Internal Revenue Service. It is possible that some people may receive this form with additional information to the unemployment payments. For those who received disability insurance, paid family leave or disaster unemployment assistance, they will also receive one of these forms either along with their unemployment information or simply for the benefits they received instead of unemployment.

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Then, make sure that the 1099-G information is being included in federal income tax returns properly, it is advised by the IRS in the instructions, to use the general instructions for certain returns, notes the government agency. Double checking this information can save someone from having their return audited or held up because of the forms not being filled out properly. The form does not have to be attached to the income tax return, but the information on box 1 of the form must be entered on the unemployment benefit compensation line on whatever tax form the taxpayer chooses to fill out.

As with all other income tax forms, the 1099-G will be mailed out during January and should reach the recipient no later then January 31. If a form is expected and not received then tax payers can contact their state government or unemployment office to request a duplicate or inquire on the status of the form.

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