What Is the Purpose of a Status Report for Customer Service?

A customer service status report may take the form of a document that tracks the progress and state of customer complaints or issues, for use with customers and internal teams. It may also refer to a report that conveys general information about customer service conditions to a managerial team.

When a customer contacts the support department of a company, it is common for the agent to track the incident through a ticketing system. This allows the agent to make a record of the customer's complaint, including the relevant issue, and share the data with other departments for resolution. Part of this process includes creating a status report that allows the customer to understand the actions the company is taking to resolve her issue, including frequent updates when new information becomes available or new developments occur within the team. The agent may also reference this status report to ensure that outstanding issues have the proper solution and receive the right attention.

Many customer service departments also prepare status reports on larger issues so that other departments understand their impact on customers. For example, if a bug in a smartphone application prevents customers from accessing the program, the customer service department may compile a status report that tracks the volume of complaints on the issue. The engineering team may then use the report to prioritize the necessary fix for the problem.