What Is the Purpose of a Sample Letter of Disappointment?

A sample letter of disappointment guides consumers through the process of writing a complaint to the appropriate person in the hopes of finding a solution. The sample letter demonstrates how to phrase dissatisfaction in a coherent and concise way, encouraging businesses to respond positively.

Letters of complaint and disappointment should be authoritative, factual and courteous. They should be written with a specific goal in mind, and the letter should be focused around accomplishing that goal. Ideally, the customer approaches the topic constructively with a solution proposed. The letter should close by stating confidence in the company's desire to resolve the issue quickly.

Before writing the letter, the customer should make sure that all the facts are clear and the situation is able to be explained in a logical manner. The letter should be addressed to the person who has the means to provide a solution. Since the first person to read the letter may only be responsible for forwarding it to the appropriate department, the tone of the letter should be diplomatic and friendly. The customer should follow up after a month if no response is received. It may be necessary to contact someone else in the company to open a discussion. If possible, correspondence always should include account numbers and names to create a sense of accountability within the company.