What Is the Purpose of a Press Release?

purpose-press-release Credit: PeopleImages.com/Digital Vision/Getty Images

The main purpose of a press release is to get attention for an event, a new product or another major happening in a business or organization. A news release is designed to get the media to report on a business and to seek additional information.

Press releases also promote businesses and organizations via the Internet with direct readership publicity on blogs, websites and social networks. Newsworthy subjects regarding a business need to be factual and not advertisements.

Sending out press releases to media outlets can be tricky. Giving out too many pieces may tire out the media. A bulletin sent to newspapers, radio stations and television outlets should provide just enough information to get a reporter's interest. Then the media will seek more information. Not all announcements presented to the press make it to the news desk.

News releases contain contact information, what is happening, what the business or organization does and all relevant facts pertaining to the event or product. An interesting title at the top of the page catches the attention of the media. Personal stories within a business or organization can help connect the press release to a newsworthy event. Some press releases are time sensitive whereas other notices are given to the media a few weeks in advance.