What Is the Purpose of a POS Customer Survey?


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Point Of Sale (POS) surveys, often given at a check-out machine, measure customer satisfaction after a sale has been made. Retailers who use a POS survey receive 40 percent more accurate feedback than if the survey is done 24 hours later, according to Gartner, an information technology research company. Companies get immediate customer feedback that they can use to improve their business or to make changes to increase customer satisfaction.

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With POS surveys, customers can give their opinion on things like store cleanliness, product selection, speed of service, expertise of staff and quality of products, according to QSR magazine. Just as the feedback is immediate, response to it can be immediate. Managers can review the surveys daily and call customers who have had a poor experience, to rectify the situation. They can also reward employees who have been complimented through the surveys.

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