What Is the Purpose of a Patient Gateway?

The purpose of Patient Gateway is to link a patient with the doctor’s office through an online portal. It allows patients to access their medical records and history such as prescriptions, laboratory results, immunizations, request prescription renewals and referrals and book appointments.

A Patient Gateway reduces the hassle that comes with paper work and enhances the management of a patients’ care by health care providers. The patient’s medical information is incorporated into one major record that all care givers and doctors can access easily. They can then retrieve notes of recent visits to the physician, allergies, existing health conditions, medications, laboratory and other diagnostic test results of the patient. Patients can use the same platform to pay for their medical bills and get reminders on their next appointments and medical examination tests.

A Patient Gateway allows patients to send messages to their doctor’s office and seek clarification to any medical queries they have. This method of communication is safe and more private than emails and phone calls. Once the message reaches the physician’s office, it is channeled to the most appropriate person. A Patient Gateway also offers information to patients on a wide range of health and diseases from reliable sources.