What Is the Purpose of Number Verification?


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Telephone number verification is used to confirm that a particular telephone number is in service to prevent fraud and abuse of services connected to that telephone line and to avoid fraud attempts that use fake phone numbers. Marketing firms also use number verification to confirm the accuracy of their data.

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Many individuals involved in fraud make use of fake phone numbers to avoid tying their real identity to accounts used in their crimes, as do spammers on online forums and social networking sites. People who establish fake social media accounts to engage in harassment or other prohibited activities may also give fake phone numbers when establishing their accounts for similar reasons. Using phone number verification helps companies prevent these activities.

Additionally, companies involved in selling lists of phone numbers for marketing purposes use phone number verification to ensure that the phone numbers they sell are valid, as this enables them to sell the numbers for a higher price.

The simplest phone number verification systems perform a line test by briefly calling a phone number and listening for responses that indicate the line is not in service. More sophisticated systems have an automated response system that asks for input from the caller to verify that a human has answered the phone. Other verification systems look up utility and financial records connected with the phone number to verify it is in service rather than calling the number directly.

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