What Is the Purpose of a Job Analysis?

purpose-job-analysis Credit: Thomas Barwick/Stone/Getty Images

The purpose of a job analysis is to analyze job duties and functions, and the skills required to do a job. A job analysis is often used to create a job posting or job description, but sometimes a job analysis is used to determine whether a specific position needs to be expanded.

To create an accurate job analysis, review the responsibilities of several employees that have the same job title. Analyze which responsibilities are assigned to the employees and make a list of daily tasks they perform. It is also a good idea to talk to the manager in charge of the employees to get an idea of the kind of skills an employee must have to perform the job.

With this information, write a statement about how this job position contributes to the company and aids in managing the work flow. In addition, do some research to come up with a comprehensive job analysis. Look through job descriptions and postings that other companies have created to spot any missing information.

When drafting a job posting, use the job analysis to list all of the required duties of the position and the job requirements, such as a college degree or industry experience. Also, mention things like the environment the employee will work in and the physical requirements of the position.