What Is the Purpose of the Indiana EPPICard?


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The purpose of the Indiana EPPICard is to reduce expenses and handling associated with paper checks for Indiana Workforce Development Benefits, or unemployment insurance, by electronically depositing payments into accounts the recipient can access with the debit card. The program also covers custodial parents and employees.

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The Indiana EPPICard is a safe, convenient way for Workforce Development Benefit recipients, custodial parents and state employees to have quick, immediate access to their funds. Recipients are automatically enrolled in the card program and are assigned accounts in their name that they can access with the EPPICard debit card. Payments are automatically made to these cards when due. Cardholders can elect to be notified by phone or by email when deposits are made to their accounts. Cardholders have immediate access to their funds without having to wait for checks to arrive by mail and may use the card at banks and merchants anywhere in the world where Visa is accepted.

Cardholders can make cash withdrawals at member and non-member ATMs, through bank teller transactions, or as cash back when making purchases with the card. Cardholders can check their balance or determine if a deposit has been made by phone or online 24 hours a day. They may transfer the funds into another checking or savings account by phone or by visiting a Visa-participating bank teller window.

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